Police Officer Tricks: Knock and Talk

Lets talk about police officer tricks….. If you leave a bar or any house / establishment or beach and have had something to drink you will want to read this……


If you have consumed alcohol, driven and arrived home or to your destination you may think that you are safe from a DUI ….think again. Police officers use a trick called the “knock and talk” trick to get you to speak with them. The whole point of an officer going to client’s house under the ruse of a “knock and talk” is that it is allegedly a reasonable consensual encounter, because the person’s house lights were on showing the person is allegedly awake and allegedly wiling to greet and invite visitors into their house. Cops will claim you voluntarily allowed the cops into the your house to talk about unrelated matter that brought them to house (I.e. Previous battery, alleged hit and run, etc..).


As far as the guzzle defense goes, cops are generally smart enough to ask questions to get you to admit that you did not have anything to drink since you have been home, because you don’t realize how the cop with use this statement to thwart a potential valid defense. Because the encounter is allegedly consensual, the admission is not coercive and considered voluntary.

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