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DUI Defense / Criminal Defense Testimonials:
SPEEDING – 91 in a 70 – NOT GUILTY 

This is my testimonial and recommendation for Daniels & Hannan, Attorneys at Law. Brandon Daniels has always been there for me professionally when a jam or two arises. Due to the tyranny of the state, anyone who is lucky enough to have his representation has a tool to stand up for your own personal liberty. I was the victim of an I-75 speed trap that is merely designed to create revenue for the state police. They use an airplane, a stopwatch, and ten to twenty cars/motorcycles to pull over unsuspecting drivers. I felt helpless when they pulled me over. Honestly, I rarely go over 80 mph and I was going with the flow of traffic. I can not express my heartfelt gratitude enough towards Brandon Daniels’ dedication and legal knowledge. I drive this route daily and the intrusiveness of the government revenue machine left a terrible taste in my mouth, until of course Mr. Daniels came to my aid. His hard work and perseverance resulted in a “not guilty” verdict in my case. In summary, I recommend the skills and dedication of the attorneys at Daniels & Hannan without any reservation.

- Dr. Bino Rucker

DUI – .147 breath test DUI Case Dismissed 

Client “C” traveled southbound on I 75 early in the morning, hit a patch of water and her vehicle spun around in circles until it finally came to rest on the shoulder of the interstate, facing the wrong way. “C” was shaken up from the accident and had no cell phone battery left so she retrieved a bottle of rum from her trunk and sat and waited for help. “C” ultimately fell asleep behind the wheel of the vehicle, while it was running and was awoken by a FHP officer. “C” was administered field sobriety exercises and was checked out by the paramedics on the roadway. Our office immediately began tearing holes in the State’s case. The FHP officer never took “C” to teh hospital to ensure that her balance and equilibrium were not affected by the accident. In addition, during the field sobriety tests, our officer counted 67 vehicles (semi-trucks, cars and buses) passing within 10 feet of “C” while she was performing these divided attention exercises. Due to our offices detailed investigation and lack of the FHP officer’s adherence to NHTSA guidelines, the case was dismissed.

- C.L.

DUI – breath test refusal case: 
DUI charges reduced to reckless driving without alcohol as a factor, 4 civil citations dismissed and adjudication of guilt withheld

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Brandon Daniels after I was pulled over by one Deputy Dominic Fornal previously of the Sarasota Sheriff DUI Unit in Sarasota County, FL for failure to maintain lane and speeding. After the officer conducted the traffic stop he proceeded to insist I had been drinking or as he called it “Pre-Gaming.” He then “required” my performance of field sobriety tests and subsequently placed me under arrest for DUI. During my Formal Review Hearing, Mr. Daniels was so precise and direct with his questioning that Deputy Fornal, who in my opinion, became very flustered and could only respond with “I don’t recall.” Deputy Fornal could not tell the HSMV Field Hearing officer at the review hearing any of the allegations of impairment that he claimed were on video, even after Mr. Daniels showed him the video! The result of my Formal Review Hearing was the State of Florida Department of Safety and Motor Vehicles ruling in my and Mr. Daniels favor that there was INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE to support : “The law enforcement officer had probable cause to believe that the person whose license was suspended was driving or in actual physical control of a motor vehicle in this state while under the influence of alcoholic beverages or chemical or controlled substance.” Therefore FULLY Re-instating my drivers license. After the state reviewed the criminal case Mr. Daniels was able to get The DUI charge dropped to a Reckless Driving dry (without alcohol) withhold of adjudication, he also had my ALL 4 of my traffic citations DISMISSED (Failure to maintain lane, Speeding, Drivers Licensed not carried/exhibited on demand, and Open Container). I Only had to pay court cost totaling $366.

Brandon Daniels was fantastic to work with explained all scenarios and options available to me and he was fully prepared to argue this case at trial. I elected to accept the plea offer he was able to get from the State Attorney vs .go to trial. After my Plea-Deal hearing on the way out of the court room a fellow defense attorney approached me and told me how “it was unheard of for the State attorney and Judge to give us the ruling we got.” his exact words were “Kyle they just gave you the Royal Flush of Pleas!!!” Brandon always let me make my own decisions and didn’t push any certain deals on me!!! Could not be any more happy with his services!!

- K.K.

DUI – breath test refusal case: 
DUI charges dismissed following Jury Verdict of NOT GUILTY

– News Link: Sarasota Herald Tribune – Daniels & Hannan Secure NOT GUILTY VERDICT for DUI Client
Obstruction, Resisting Officers without Violence:
Disposition: withhold of adjudication, CC

I was arrested by the Sarasota City Police and charged with Obstruction for allegedly resisting arrest. The police arrested me after my mother called the police because my girlfriend would not leave her house and was creating a ruckus. The police didn’t even bother to listen to my mother, who called, they came straight for me because they assumed I caused the problem. Before I could explain anything, they were shoving me on the ground and putting knees in my back and on my head. The initial offer from the State Attorney was six (6) months in the county jail. Mr. Daniels was able to get the plea offer reduced to a withhold and court costs right before trial. He has helped me out several times over the years and always gets great results.

- J.J.

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Family Law Testimonials:

The Daniels Law Firm did a fantastic job helping me through my divorce, they were supportive, informative and helped me every step of the way…
Sarah H.

Elementary School Teacher

I would certainly recommend The Daniels Law Firm, they answered every question I had, fought hard for my children’s rights and helped get my divorce over with quickly, saving me money….
Michelle P

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